Looking back

Food heals the pain and wind kiss away the sadness. Let's travel together.


Something new?

I've been busy with uni. Well, even I'm still a student but I can see how will fashion industry be, very busy. I'm doing some project, not sure about the result, but we'll see later :). Just some more photos from the shoot with Nabiha. I just had another one today but my clients are not willing to publish, so I respect their wish and can't post it here. Hope everybody have a nice weekend. Btw I'm thinking about a tripod and ring light, I want some selfcam pics lol.

p/s : Happy Halloween!


Fairy Forest

I just had a photoshoot this Sunday, it was brilliant <3 My model is one of my friend who is very beautiful with the most beautiful eyes I've seen! I was not in good condition at that time because my right hand is hurt like hell, and with my heavy Nikon D200 and Nikkor 85mm f 1.8 I did try my best to not take shaky photos but still have some of them :(  I'm still editing some of them, but here 2 of my favorite pics :D


Summer is gone

It's been a long time since my last post ^^ ~  I had a wonderful summer at home, back to UK then moved to a new flat with new flatmates.

Just a picture of yummy chicken rice in Hoi An, Vietnam.