Small update./.

Hi ya~

I do like the idea about short blog post. I like writing about random little story than planning a long ass post. But I do plan to write.

So I just back with Low carb diet, it's so strange that a diet allow you to eat a lot. It does work very well to me so now I'm free from Uni I decided to get back to it. I made this chicken dish and it taste awesome but I don't remember the recipe... I'm seriously getting old #fml. I just remember I put a lot of chilli powder on it so I server it with avocado and cherry tomato, so yummy I love! This one for the whole day.

Finally I touched up my brows. I did let them grow crazy lol, but now it's better. Sorry for poor quality I just took a quick photo without thinking putting it on here. I love full brows a lot. I don't get why many of my friends have super thin brows almost nothing?! It's just sooooooooo over-date, or maybe I'm a fashion person myself so I don't get what normal people think. I love full brows and freckles (even though I don't have freckles :(, wish I have) And I don't have any make up in this photo. I bother to coloring this picture but too lazy to airbrush dark circles and some red spots I have atm. But whatever, focus on the brows!

The Meow

Well, actually I was drawing random stuffs and design something for my portpolio so I came up with this ideas about a character to show my moods through it. Then The Meow was born!

She is a Rag Doll cat, with blushing cheeks (which are my signature look - I was born with blushing cheek, bless me). She is fluffy, chubby, quiet and very chill. What is in her mind is always a mystery for everybody, they love her but she's not often send love back. However, still an adorable cat.

Just a small note before you get to know her, The Meow is copyrighted - she is my creation for my day dream, stealing a dream is not right in anyway.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Meow - the cat :

When Meow saw her crush : 

The rare evil face : 

I still have few different version of her, but I save it for other posts! Hope you like The Meow like I do.


Blue Sky and Red

This is my favorite combo color. I have a secret dream about having a house/flat of my own and decor everything with these colors. Working hard on it.

This is a sketch I feel like drawing then re-touch it on photoshop. I think I like it for now.

Cherry tomato

It's my favorite snack atm. I'm following Low Carb diet and really enjoy searching healthy foods option. I used to hate eating raw tomato but now I get used to it. I like have a little bit of salt, or if I'm in mood for something sweet, a little Splenda (diet sugar) is perfect.



Just a picture of my faux roses lay on my table. And a beautiful song for beautiful you :


Haven't notice my blog view reached 6000! Thank you for reading this silly blog <3 


NOTD : The sparkling nude

Hi ~~ ^^~

It's been a long time since my lastest nail post. I really sorry for being lazy taking pictures of my nails, I wish I have an excuse for that, but I don't.

So my lastest nail design I'm wearing at this moment is insprise by this lovely pretty Jimmy Choo shoes :

It's one of my favorite shoes design, love the combination of sparkling crystal on a nude base, so elegant and chiccccc. LOVE!

And here is my nail design, hope you enjoy : 

Products used :

Rimmel Lycra Pro in French Ivory one thin coat to create the lovely nude base
No 7 Limited Summer Collection Sliver Glitter Topcoat ( It's my all time favorite glitter topcoat omg, I tweeted Lisa and she said that she would like to put it in main range, yay!)

Let me know what nail design are you wearing I'll be more than happy to see :D <3 

Thank for stopping by xx