My new favorite cleanser.

Cleanser might be the last thing you care about when it comes to skincare. People talk about moisturer, serum etc but always forget that cleaning is big step, if you pores are not clear, the more products come after that, the worse your skin can be.

Personally, I don't like the strong cleanser, like the one for oily skin or daily scrub. It's just too harsh for your skin, even you are a teenager or you are in your 40s, be gentle to your skin. Maybe you don't really see the point of being gentle here, but when the time passed by you might notice the firmness of your skin stay a lot longer with gentle cleansing everyday. In the market now there are so many good cleanser that gentle and does the good job at clean your face as well.

I've been trying this Hada Labo face wash for past 2 weeks and I have to say it goes straight to my HG list. Such a simple and perfect (Hada Labo means Simple and Perfect) face wash that you can't believe it's just so good.

The tube look pretty empty but no it's not. It's just how this tube is and I can tell there are still a lot of products left. The product itself is thick that I only need one pea size one time. For my surprise once you add water and start to apply it on your face, there are a lot of FOAMs. I love it since foam cleanser always as known as the most gentle type of cleanser. And the smell is just so...Japan-ish. It's smell like fragrance rice, so relaxing to start a new day or refresh your feeling before go to bed. It's contains the star indergrent hyaluronic acid that perfect for dehyrated skin. I used it along with other two Hada Labo products that are my HG skin care (read here) and I notice the firmness of my skin is improve a lot. I'm so upset with Hada Labo! And I forgot to mention my skin feel very clean and not drying after cleansing. I haven't try to remove make-up with this cleanser because I just trust my Shu Uemura oil cleansing a little bit more at this case.

So I highly recommend you give this Simple and Perfect face wash a try if you could. You can find Hada Labo in sasa.com , or if any luck, Ebay (just make sure the seller sell authentic stuffs).

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The handmade store.


Just a quick post to let you know I'm working on my very first handmade store ^^ I'm quite excited about it since I've always a little granny who sew, draw, paint and making handmade stuffs. I started selling some of my Swarovski jewelry in Vietnam to help my mom so she won't be stressful about extra money for me to study here in UK. Studying Fashion here is such an expensive dream for me and my family so I just start selling them for people in Vietnam by that reason. But time passed by and it's become a big hobby for me so I think should start working on some more creative stuffs and upgrade since I was only used silver plated bail and chain, but this time I decided to make with 925 sterling silver so the jewelry will last longer and be in perfect quality. I'll let you guys know when I open my store x x

Here are some pictures of stuffs I've sold before. They are super simple but as I said, you'll see more stuffs with my personal design soon ^^~

Thank for reading my blog <3 


[DIY] Neon bracelet

Hi ya!

I think I should share some of my DIY creation since I've been back to enjoy doing them for a while. Those are some H&M bracelet I bought but end up don't like them and I think it's a waste just leave them there, so I grab some nylon cords to give them a whole new look. I'm quite happy with the result! If you want a tutorial just let me know, but I think it's so easy to make no one will ask for a tutorial... Btw I hope this post inspires you to DIY and recycle your old jewelry! Have fun ~

p/s : I wanted to change my blog URL to setmefree.blogspot.com or littleskull to match my tumblr but they are all taken! I logged in these 2 URLs and both of them are rubbish blogs, one is empy and one has like 3 posts about how rubbish life is. Seriously, Blogger, you should remove those blogs because they are pretty useless and such a waste of good URLs =.=



Such a long time since my last photography post. Just simply because I didn't take any new pictures :( UK weather sucks! Everytime I plan to bring my camera out it just has to rain! I have all my respect for all the artists based on UK, you guys still manage to be creative in this depressing weather.

But I'm not lazy, I still edit lots of old pics and post them on my Flickr, but I forget to post them on this blog. So...here you go, one pic but untitled because I have no idea what should I call it lol.


Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin correcting serum

Oh man, how long since the last time I review some beauty/skincare product? I'm so over my ambition to be a successful beauty blogger because I know I can't, and writing 100% about beauty is not fun anymore to me, so I stopped it, easy as that.

But I planned to write this review for a while, because I LOVE this product so much.

As you might notice I've mentioned on this blog I was using Paula's Choice 1% BHA Lotion. Oh well, but I stopped using it almost 2 months ago although I do like it quite a lot. I went to use that lotion because uneven skin tone have been a biggest problem along with large pores and blackhead. For those of you who have darker skin tone, it might not too big deal, but because I'm very very fair, the unevenness is sooo noticeable and make my face look tired and unhappy.

But I have SENSITIVE skin and after about 2 week using this lotion, my skin became extremely sensitive. I swear, I even had to wear sunscreen when I'm only staying at home and sit near my window for whole day. If I just go down stair to get a bottle of Diet Coke at 24/7 shop next to my apartment without sunscreen, I'll comeback with red itchy spots all over my face and it's not cool anymore for me. That lotion does work a little bit at tighenting my pores but oh man, I wasn't sure if it corrected my skin tone or not because I got such a red itchy face.

So, if you have very sensitive skin that will fuck you up if you don't follow your routine, just simply stay away from this product, especially girls who have dry skin. I had never been allegric with sun ( Come on I'm from Vietnam I lived with bright sun since I was born) so I guess this BHA thing is simply not for me.

So I went through a hard time after giving up that lotion that my skin have to make some "change" to become normal, but after one week with red itchy spots all over I finally have my skin back, but still got the marks of the previous spots. That will be a big experience for me to note for myself that my skin is sensitive and I have to be careful when it's come to skincare.

So I bought this serum even before I gave up BHA lotion, I didn't bother to use it until I use up all the lotion and decided to give it a chance. Lucky me this serum is a great buy! Firstly it's organic so it's very gentle and there is no drama for my skin this time. Secondly, man, I love its smell so much!!!!!!!! It's smell kind of lemon-ish, I love to breath my hand after I apply this in the morning just to wake me up, so refreshing <3 It's contain pearl powder so if you pump the product out you can clearly see the pearl shine. And it does its job, its not only brighten up my skin a lot but also very moisturing so I guess girls who have oily skin would love to add it into their basic routine since moisturiser is definitely too heavy. My complexion looks brighter and lively now I love!

I highly recommend this product and also others Origins products as they are organic brand that very gentle for those who has quite sensitive skin. And I notice now I'm allow to go out under the sun for few minutes without applying sunscreen. My skin is nowhere perfect but I still love it as it is.

Hope you enjoy this post and thanks for stopping by <3


Hair dilemma

Oh I blogged. Again

I haven't blog for ages and suddenly I blog again. And blog abt many other shits not beauty. I guess because I'm a many-faces-girl, I just can't stick with one thing and called me beauty blogger or fashion blogger. For the past few months I was very stressful, not only because of uni stuff but I found myself really down, I just hate doing EVERYTHING, even eating or watching movies - two things that I could do until I die and only stop if food and movie suddenly disappear. I lived like an useless person, wasting oxygen and spaces. 

And I back with a totally new ME. Like I had sleep for 1 thousand years and finally wake up. I'm not a princess and there is no charming prince, it's more like a devil finally wake up.

But you can sure that I'm still not a bitch, not yet.

So the introduction is just my explanation about why I stopped blog for quite long time. 

I want to talk about my hair. My sweet, precious hair.

I'm not lucky I wasn't blessed with pretty face and so-so body. God or whoever made me was kindly give me a brain of an artist and such a clear mind that I thank him everyday, but totally unfair on my appearance. Maybe he felt guilty so he gave me something that other pretty skinny bitch would die for. One of them is my hair.

I have a beautiful thick, shiny and healthy hair since I was born. My mom said that I was born with many hair that long enough to cover all over my face. I always wonder what did my doctor think when he saw me... like "shit we have a baby with hair on her face here! oh wait it's just hair on her head thank my fucking god etc". Look how cute I was at 4 years old :

That amount of hair is freaking crazy I don't know how I could handle them all. Oh and I have great eyebrows since I was a kid.

Unfortunately I was too young and green and people around me include other kids and adults was sooooo cruel to made fun of me as a "big fat kid" than a kid with gorgeous hair and fair skin. Guess people are all envy bitches or because my innocent and soft personality gave me this. That's a thing I fucking hate about Asian people, they just can't find any kind word to talk about other people even if that's your friend or an innocent kid, image if I wasn't a crazy kid who didn't give a shit about what people said, what if I became emo and hate myself. They live their life but never forget to destroy other's life because of nothing. That's suck.

Oh yeah then I never ever care about my hair. I feel sorry for it! I just came to hair salon for very first time when I was 17! Before that my mom do my hair at home, when it's become too long she would cut it very short because no matter how short it is it still grow back very fast.When I graduated from high school, the very first thing I do ( except giving my high school a middle finger) is jump to hair salon and ask to color it and never stop doing it since ever. I don't like my hair black I always feel better with lighter hair. My hair is shinier after dyeing though.

But my biggest mistake is PERM it. Ok I'll be honest the first time it's still good, but for my craziness I permed it again after just 3 months. That's enough and my loyalty lovely hair decided to gave up on me. Now at least 15cm end of my hair is like DEAD. Wtf did I do with it. I'd do everything to have my old hair back. I never ever have it straightened, but I did exact same shit as getting it curly because I thought my natural wavy wasn't enough. Before that I only use shampoo and didn't even need conditioner (see how AWESOME it was?) but still got the hair that all my friends in UK raved about it (such a different from cruel Vietnamese ppl). Now, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, treatment, serum... - all make my hair a lot better but still, thing will never be the same. Fuck me.

Last week I thought that what if I cut my hair short, like take all the dead part off? Getting a shoulder length like Lena Fujii isn't a bad ideas and I haven't have short hair for long long time. I washed my hair and was already holding a scissor and was ready to cut it @_@ Thank God that I was wonder what kind should I cut then googled Lena pictures. And I realized that I'm not her - the mixed goddess who look beautiful with everything they put on her, like so :

She used to be bullied in high school because of racist but in my opinion ugly bitches couldn't stand such a beauty like her. See, this society can't stand people who are not mainstream ones.

Ok after taking a look at my old pictures, I decided that I won't never look good with shorter hair, that make me look older. I stick with my long hair now. The perm is fading away and even my hair look like shit but that's ok, I can bear this hard time. This is how my hair now, I covered my eyes because it's in hilarious situation and I don't dare to show you. Also sorry for after seeing beautiful Lena you have to see my face. Just like fall from heaven to the ground, I understand that feeling, you are not alone.

What's hairstyle are you having now? x


My first fashion post and the love for retro fashion.

Ok let's be honest ( like I always be!), I've had a hard time finding a style that suits me. I mean really suits me.
Oh why? Because I'm FAT.

At this point, please don't say things like :"Oh you're not fat to compare with British girls", "No you are not, don't think so". I AM OK WITH THAT, does it make sense? I don't compare myself with anyone else, and when I look at myself in the mirror, I see I'm fat. I don't understand those fat girls who consider themselves as "curvy girl"? If you are like Katy Perry, yes you're curvy, but you are fat that your tummy is as big as your breast and everybody can see your second chin.

Let's face it.

 I'm on a diet that's seems work well for me, and I really hope many fat girls out there have enough encourage to look back and love their bodies more, loving it doesn't mean you show off you boobs to feel pretty, wear slutty clothes to show off that you're as attractive as normal women, loving it means you need to diet, work out and do everything to make your body become normal and healthier as well. Also, I don't like the fat girls who wear ugly clothes, because it's clearly that they don't love themselves enough to  make a change for their life.

So you must be thinking :"Bitch please, what do you wear to feel pretty huh????". Firstly, sorry but I know I'm not a beautiful girl, but I love myself and it's make me bright, happy and somehow pretty.

It's hard to define my style. But I'm quite into the tomboy side of high fashion even it's not really suits me. Sweater, Jeans and a lovely animal print boots, also I have a hoodies fever. I pay attention to get nice piece, and I always keep this in mind :"Simple is the best" - this is my moral on everything : living, fashion, design, make up...even cooking. It's never ever wrong for me, life is hard so I try to keep everything else simple.

But that's doesn't mean I don't like color or dress! I LOVE colors and I want to change my style since I'm often wear black, white, blue denim now... And I found retro!

I've been always love vintage, retro fashion. Because there is something about it very simple, lovely, innocent but also super glamours. Today I could enjoy a lovely dress, tomorrow I could be a tomboy. I love fashion which allow you to change to suits your mood that day. And one thing I know, yes fat girls definitely can enjoy vintage and retro fashion, the more curvy you are, the more lovely retro style look good on you. I hate most of fashion bloggers that's are everywhere now because I don't see the purpose of their fashion post. Yes you have shits load of money, go to the department store and grap some oh-look-so-cool-on-me clothes, back home and throw everything together and called it "High Fashion"??! I call it show off because their fashion post help nobody but to show off and I can image many girls ask their parents to give them money to buy something that their family truly can't afford, then those girls go angry with their own parents because they can't afford an expensive handbag. Most of their fashion posts are not helping anyone to dress themselves better, they don't even have a DIY post like I often see on Japanese fashion magazines. Just buy expensive brand name shits and take pictures.

It's depressing to see women read those blogs and comment "Oh I wish I'm this pretty to rock this dress", or watch tutorial and try to re-create those Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez look. You are what you are, you are beautiful in a different way and try to force yourself to fit in a make up and clothes that's not for you to at least feel "pretty and sexy" , in my opinion, just to show how much you hate yourself.

Don't get me wrong, as a fashion student I LOVE high fashion but the way many people wear them make me feel angry. Marc Jacobs says :"I'd like to believe that women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they're wearing what they like and what suits them, it's not a status thing."

Oh well it's sounds hypocrite because he is Creative Director of Louis Vuitton - hand down the most show off fashion brand in the world. But I do believe he's honest, because look at his creation for LV, those clothes CAN be worn. Same as Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld throw shits to some fashion designers by tell ELLE UK that "Chanel makes clothes for women to wear, we don't make clothes for museum." Expensive clothes doesn't make you any cooler if you don't know how to dress them and don't know what you really want.

One of my favorite blogger is Tick tock vintage . Oh yes she is not those skinny mimis out there, she's just a woman who was born with a normal body, with a brown hair not fake blonde, with a simple make up. But I love her style and all her posts. It show clearly the way to mix&match clothes, it inspired me to look back to my closet to find a new way to wear my clothes. And she shows you how to wear 1 pair of shoes with 10 different outfit. Just lovely to read her blog everytime I stop by.

I love Anne Catherine Frey as well. She's natural super skinny but it's not the problems. This girl knows how to wear high fashion without looking like a mess. Love her edgy tomboy style but everytime she wears a dress, she's totally rock it. What do I say more? I love people who are smart at wearing clothes, not a biased crazy kid who throw everything together and called it "fashion". I learned some of her tips at wearing tomboy clothes, you can clearly copy her style by your own clothes in your closet, just like smart make up, you can adapt and re-create it without buying anything expensive.

And yeah, I'm going quite long now, just some pictures of retro style is rocking everywhere now. I'm gonna make some retro clothes myself - isn't it great to be a fashion student? Hope you enjoy my first fashion post, remember everything is just my own opinion and thanks for stopping by and read my silly blog xx

Pictures from Fashion gone rouge and Style.com