My current everyday look (for very pale skin)

I've been stick around with this everyday look, it's very simple, fresh and lovely. The main point is it suits my complexion and personality very well.

This is actually based on Lisa Eldridge's Rosy Flush look that you can watch here to get the ideas. I use exact the same cream blush that she was using, or if I'm too lazy to blend cream blush, I use Nars Angelika powder blush. My base is very thin layer of my HG foundation Giorgio Armani to even out a little bit, you might sick of hearing its name now, but sorry I tried other one but always comeback to it as it matches my skin tone perfectly.

On my lips I have YSL Sheer Candy in #6, a sheer lovely red, this is one of my HG lipstick, I've been upset with it and there is the time that I use it every single day lol. Just one layer to give me a stain.

For eyes I use a brown eyeshadow ( I have fews from many brands so I don't remember what I was using on the picture :P) to smudge around my upper and lower lash line, then curl eyelashes, apply mascara and I ready to go!

 I love this look and if you are very pale like me, but you think you look like you are sick, try this! a bright pink blush could change the whole feeling of your face. I'm lucky to have naturally flush on my cheek and I found that this look enhance my complexion even more and I always get compliment that I look bright, happy and healthy :)

So what do you wear for your everyday look?