Review : Boots No.7 Spring Limited Collection "Vital Brights" by Lisa Eldridge

If you follow me on Twitter you would know that I went shopping and had this collection in must-buy list, and also know that I have a #makeupwars with 2 ladies to get them lol. However I'm enjoying this collection so far, totally worth fighting with 2 ladies who are much older than me, around my aunt's ages haha :P The story will come with review later.

So let's get started. My purchase are 2 cream blushes, 1 powder highlighter and one lipstick. Full collection comes in 2 cream blushes, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 powder highlighter and 2 lipstick. I didn't impress with the eyeshadow palette because of all neutral shades ( but I don't know if it'd be my biggest mistake when I skipped it :P ), one lipstick which is the nude/brown shade whatever is not my taste on lipstick so I ended up with the rest ;)

As you can see the packaging is absolutely fun, vibrant and very "spring". It was made with high quality plastic, I think all limited collection of No.7 have beautiful packaging, definitely collect them from now!

Now move on to the products. First is the product I didn't plan to buy but it made my heart skipped a beat when I swatched it at counter ( you ladies who are beautyholic should understand what I mean!). This Vital Enlightening Highlighter Powder is warm tone highlighter which is great for people who want a warmer face in this bloody cold weather. I often use liquid highlighter ( by No.7 too!) but this one is a nice additional for my collection :)

Next is Love of my life : BLUSHES <3 Can't tell you exactly how obsessed I am with blush. I believe blush, lipstick and mascara is 3 secret weapons to archive healthy and natural looking for your face. I know I promised to write a post about my HG blushes but the list is getting longer so I might have to plan a series >"< Firstly when I saw the product through internet, I just wanted the Blooming Pink which is lovely hot pink - lovely for youthful and healthy glow! But I swatched Blossoming Pink - an amazing coral color which I think will look natural on cheeks, I decided to buy it too! 
Then then then

The story began! There is only one Blossoming Pink left in No.7 counter at Boost Leeds, and beside me - there are 2 old ladies who were swatching it, I heard one lady said :"Oh lovely, I think I'll get it". I  looked at the No.7 staff who were holding MY precious cream blush with my famous "puppy eyes" and tell her very loud :"I get it I get it ~~~~". 2 old ladies looked at me like I'm a bad kid who steal their purses, one started ask the staff lady - who is still holding MY cream blush :"Could you give me a Blossoming Pink blush?". I was quickly take it from the staff's hand, and tell my friend to leave before they realized what happened. Haha fell bad and good at the same time! Blame Lisa to create such wonderful products. They are lovely color and easy to blend, don't have any bad things to say!

I have to say I didn't want to buy the lipstick. One is defo not my taste, I like bright color, the Blooming Pink is very me, but I already have too much pink lipstick. But my friend who came with me told me that it's lovely I should get it, then I bought it! I back home, swatched and apply it with a lip brush and was like :

Sorry Lisa I didn't mean to put your lovely lipstick on this face haha <3 But yes, that's my reaction when I applied it! I accepted it to be thick, creamy and somehow matte when I saw it in tub. But man it SHEER! I've never seen a SHEER HOT PINK lipstick! I love my YSL Sheer Candy but it's RED and other colors in the range don't show up at all. OMG with 1-2 layers I can archive such a beautiful pinky, healthy shiny lips without too bright or thick. I fell in love I think I'd be back to buy a back-up of this lipstick. The swatch below is 3 layers but you could see how is it with 1 layer.

I think Lisa did wonderful job again! She's always amazing isn't she? I always feel sad because I can't afford to buy limited collection of all my favorite brands like Chanel, YSL and Giorgio Armani ( I mean I have money to buy some now, but once you buy you'll start to buy it forever and I don't think I can afford that much in a long time because I'm still a student who is using mostly parents' money) so I think No.7 limited collection is a good choice for me to please my dream about limited collection beauty products. They are designed by a top celebrities make-up artist who has great taste, high quality, beautiful enough to stay on your collection and totally affordable. I actually get one cream blush for free because Boots offered 3 for 2 on No.7 products. £10 for each cream blush (actually I paid £10 for 2!), £13 for highlighter powder and £10 for a lipstick, it's nothing near expensive. Thank you Lisa! You are wonderful <3


Summer memories

Last summer is the best summer in my life, when I filled with love from my true friends and feel that I could travel for the rest of my life. Just a photo from my friend Lena when we were in Hoi An - a famous ancient town in Vietnam.

The picture below is non-PTS, just add my copyright text. I told you an old camera can do everything good if you know how to use it and of couse if you have the eyes for photography. What's year is it now to say that expensive equipment make great photos? Bitches you can't snap a shot stop blaming the price of your camera~


Drugstore love : Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

As you may know I have obsession with lip products, also I love high-end product the most ( like Chanel, YSL and Giorgio Armani) with their fabulous color range, texture and packaging  , but the price is always control me from collecting :(  So I always hunt the hidden gems from drugstore, however not everything win my heart no matter how cheap they are ( and quite good quality!) because I don't often get the result that I want.

So today I share with you one of my favorite from drugstore : Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream! Collection 2000 available in Boots and Superdrug, contain the huge range of "color" products. One of their famous gold, silver, many colors gilter liquid liner  which I really forget the name :( can't remember now! They are quite fun to wear on dramatic looks or holiday looks, and of course very cheap.

Ok let's back with the Lip Cream. This baby won my heart in the very first try, they have velvety finish which I adore so much ( you knowChanel Velvet Rouge is my HG lipstick), lovely color, yummy smell, and guess what? Moisture! For £2.99 each you can't find a better one anywhere. The only sad thing is they only have 4 shades :( and the tub a little bit small however a little goes long way. I hope Collection 2000 will produce more color and maybe bigger tub in the future.

My favorite shades is Cotton Candy (Lovely rosy candy pink) and Fairy Cake ( orangy, peachy color)

Left : Cotton Candy ; Right : Fairy Cake
(sorry for my meaty hand haha, I have baby hand lol)


The girl I love is gone

The girl I love is gone
And things will never be the same
The emptiness inside grows stronger every night
And where are you to ease my pain?


Remove your make up!

We all had good skin before the teenage come with hormon's changing, buying very first make-up items but never learn how to remove them in the right way. For me, luckily, I didn't have any acnes problems in my teenage, and the only one beauty product I got is a good face wash. That's all. Why?

Because my mom said I could use skin care products but forget make up until I turn 18. Ok then I didn't like make-up at all at that time.

So when I first jump to make-up, first items I bought was cotton pad and make-up remover. Because I did take good care of my skin and I don't want make-up destroy everything. I don't understand woman who go to sleep with their make-up on! Or put tons of make-up on, have like 1460582646720 make-up products but only own a typical face wash to remove make up?!

So here for me, there is things I avoid to use to remove my make-up because if you choose it wrong, it can easily break out your skin as fast as low quality make-up :

- Wipes : Arghhhh I hate it, I know it's fast and easy but I just hate it. I did try some confirmed good one but they just make my skin feel really hurt, red, and guess what, break out! I still have a pack but just use to clean my eyelash curler or clean the glue from fake eyelashes (of course after remove them from my eye)

- Face scrub or oil-free face wash : Throw them away after only one use. They thin out my skin, dry it out, give me freaking acnes and just horrible.

And what I use to remove my make-up? Here they are :

- Oil cleansing : Yeah even you have oily skin, don't be scared by the word "oil", it's not that "oil", you should use them anyway. Because they can remove both eye make-up and face make-up, also oil cleansing is well-known as the deepest remover, you can feel that your skin is never clean this way. It doesn't dry out your skin at all and give you baby clean skin! My favorite is Shu Uemura oil cleansing high balance :

Use about 2 pump on you dry hand, apply the oil all over your face, massage inward so the oil can gently take off you make-up, then wet your hand, massage your face again, you will see the oil turn to light foam, massage it evenly to take off all make-up left in your pores, then rinse off with water. You can pump the oil to a cotton pad to remove eye make-up, it remove even waterproof stuff, confirmed by me! 
Price are £56.50 for 450ml bottle which is huge. And you don't need to buy anything else.
Also DHC cleansing oil is a good one as well and quite cheap to compare with Shu Uemura but hard to get here in UK, you could find it on Sasa.com

Cleansing water : You are living a busy life? To sleepy to spend 10min to wash your face? Well Cleansing water is your answer as it quicker way to remove make up especially when you don't wear too much make-up like just some concealer and mascara with lipgloss, but still need to remove them very carefully. Simply apply the water on cotton pad and use them to remove all make-up. Cleansing water actually even gentle than typical eye make-up remover but stronger effects. My favorite is Bioderma H2O Cleansing solution. You can find it on Ebay for £12.49 for 500ml bottle, but remember to buy from top ratted seller who confirmed sell authentic products. And if you have money, Lancome did a good one but pricy, well, your choice. Even they are good but I still recommend you a gentle face wash after all. But you can skip it anyway, just don't do it all time.

So that's it. Hope you find my post helpful. Remember a good make-up based on a good skin. It saves your time, your products and spread out you beauty. I always truly think that taking care of skin is more important that putting make-up. Stay pretty, girls!


Meanwhile in Paris

I had been to Paris 5 years ago. Well, as all your imagination about pretty Paris, this city is interesting with a romantic scent. But I'm not really like it, I don't know why maybe because of people there (not racist). It's hard to explain but for my the impression about a city based on 50 city itself : 50 people live there, and I don't feel comfortable with French people (not all ok, I do have some French friends). No need to tell you how annoying their airport, never in my life have to queue in a long time to check my handy luggage, freaking-4-and-a-half-hours.

But still, I have to admit that Paris is a pretty city, pretty shops, and the houses and hotels is the dream for any woman, or guys ( if you are gay and love girly things, I know some gay guys like manly things). I like their well-known macaroon, it's taste good, pretty package <3 Here are 2 photos from a box of macaroon I bought when I transit in Paris.


Love always wins.

This post is unusual for me since I want this blog is more about photography, beauty, fashion. But I can NOT write about it since the person I mention below is one of the most influence artist in my life. Since I know him, love his work, and become a fan, it changed the way I feel about art, and open me a door to a new sky line that I never think that I could reach it. I copied from my Facebook when I wrote it last night just in case you are wondering about the time. 


Feel guilty when I just read about Jose Villa's wedding 2 minutes ago. Yes it's HIS wedding. I'm almost cry now.

Jose Villa has been my most favorite photographer in the whole world. He's the BEST fine art wedding photographer, and also does amazing work at portrait, he only shoot with film - which I can't do. He captures LOVE, find out hidden BEAUTY and keep MOMENTS in his photo. He inspires me to become a photographer who take picture with the heart.

He and his partner, Joel Serrato has been together for 7,5 years, they work together in a wedding service team and I have to say their work is just ART. Their book about fine art wedding photography is breath-taking. How could they find each other in this world?! I wonder when could I find not a lover but soulmates in art like them?

"Love always wins" - Jose Villa

Happy Wedding to J&J :) I wish you an endless happiness.