Melting heart.

I just back from London! I really love this city can't wait to move there for placement and working ^^~ . And of course when I was in London I have to hav a photoshoot with Mai - my muse all time. I love to shoot with her, she is not a professional model or something like that but she know how to pose, know how to look effortless beautiful in front of camera. My job is so much easier when I work with someone like her ^^~ And also I'm pretty sure my Nikon-chan loves her lol, her pictures always in the best condition haha.

More photos will come later :)


Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion

Hello ladies!

Sorry for lacking of beauty posts. I'm doing 3 projects in Uni so I've been very busy :)

By the way, as I mentioned here about the importance of removing your make-up, but then I realize that products I love is expensive / hard to find for most of you. So here I introduce my new favorite cleansing lotion which is very cheap : Purity Organic Cleansing lotion which is only £4.99 per bottle. But they do charge £2.00 for shipping so I think if you loved it after 1 bottle, you should stock up fews in the next purchase. Which I like about this one is it doesn't dry my skin out and make my skin glow and dewy, I've never been a fan of matte face. However with this cleansing you HAVE to clean your face twice. 2 TIMES and of course 3-5mins per time. Don't be lazy on taking care of your skin. Botox or Plastic Surgery can't save your skin if you don't spend enough time on it.

Also for people who want to buy Bioderma Crealine H2O which I absolutely love and started to have it in my photoshoot/wedding make up kit to clean client's make up, here is the link from Amazon to buy. I found that Amazon have better deal and safer to buy :) with £19.02 plus £8.00 shipping for 2 x 500ml bottle while one 500ml bottle costs you around £12.33 with SAME shipping price, I think it's a very good deal.

Stay beautiful x 


The sketch

Sketching chosen!

This will be my first garment for Uni. Quite excited! I'm feel a bit stressful because the Gloves design and Menwears projects ar coming up as well. 



MOTD : The dark.

Photo by Mark Woodward

Few weeks ago I've done make up for a fashion photoshoot. I've done 2 looks but my favorite is this look so I post it here. 


Trend : Pastel Eye Make-up

It's so damn easy to see what is the big trend now. Simply look at all Spring make-up collection of high-end brand, or the back of pastel jeans. I'm a bit sad because I can't wear full pastel clothes even I'm a big fan of pastel colors because I have a full figure, but however I still can wear a black/navy jeans/legging with pastel top and a lovely nude shoes, I have a mint green bag too that should be perfect for Spring.

So what's about make up? Just looke at Lancôme, YSL, Dior... limited collection you can see the pastel make up is coming back with luminous skin and pastel colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. But still, this is not easy to wear. It's ok for you to wear like the girl in campaigns below to a party or even :




But my favorite this season is definitely Giorgio Armani! Yes they still have the pastel palette in the collection, but it's nothing about cute or something like that when you heard the word "pastel". It's morden, edgy, wearable for normal day. The skin is Luminous ( <3 GA Luminous Silk Foundation), strong but light color eyebrow, the eyes is just a hint of minty green with the glossy finish and 2 coats of mascara. Cheeks and lips are very simple to re-created just a little bit of pink brown blush or light bronzer and natural gloss.  

The eyes make-up is easy for you to do. Blend light green color all over your eyelid, and use a clear lipgloss on top, then curl your eyelashes, apply mascara! If you don't like cool tone color, try to use a hot pink gloss all over your eyelid like Emma Waster cover of ELLE

If you can't afford a high-end palette just to play around this season to be on trend, I recommend the MUA Pretty Pastel palette only available in Superdrug, price is £4.00 for 12 colors : 

Thank you for reading, I'll see you in next posts :) x


Hero Products of the month : Soap&Glory Body Butter

I'm not really into buying or searching for body care products because I think my body skin is ok, nothing happens with it. But when I moved to UK, I notice the skin at my arm area is becoming dry because I was lazy at drinking vitamin C ( yes the lack of vitamin C caused dry skin on your body!), so I started drink vitamin C again and try to find a body butter or lotion that keep me smell nice and make my skin feel soft again. But then the vitamin C went well and I just on/off on using body care products.

But still!

The skin at my elbow area is like very dry and I hate to touch that area because it reminds me that I'm getting older lol. So when I bought the Soap&Glory gift bag from a Boots offer in Christmas haul I didn't know that it contains my Hero!

Here I introduce you guys to Soap&Glory Body Butter - My hero product of the month! (I'll continue this tag in the next post with more beauty products! )

Gorgeous packaging! I'm not a fan of pink but I adore the vintage style with a lot of text! The formula is for Very Dry Skin so you can image how moisturising it is. Also it's very thick and you have to spend time to rub and use your body heat to make the product absorbs to your skin, but I like to stay on my bed, apply this body butter while reading book/watching movie etc. After only ONE use, I can see the change of my skin. My elbow is soft, lovely to touch, my skin is glowing in the healthy way and incredibly soft <3  Only down thing is the smell is like whatever nothing special, so I'm vain enough to apply a little bit of The Body Shop Body Butter in Sweet Lemon ( I own the matchy shower gel and lip butter, what a crazy fan :P) over it to smell like a sweet lemon lol :P But yeah I love this product and highly recommend it for you guys. Give it a try ladies! The price is  £10.21 for 300ml tub. Boots having an offer at this moment £25.00 for 1 litre tub if you like to use it very often or can share with your housemates, friends, mom and kids. 

Until next time, take care ladies!
Thea xx


February wish list

Just some products I want <3 Hope someone give at least one for me :P

NARS Day and Night Palette £37

NARS Larger than Life Lipgloss in ALL colors, they are just all about my taste <3 £ 17.50/each

Make up For Ever HD Blush in #5 Warm Pink £21.50

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in #2 Mocha 1,050Y

Prada Galleria Bag Classic shape in Camel £1,020


NOTD : Black bow and red polka dot

I'll start posting DIY nail design since today. They are definitely easy to archive and cute on your nail!

My nail design today is all bout black bow and red polka dot. They are simple, cute and on trend. Hope you enjoy!

Products used :
Revlon Base coat
Rimmel Lycra Pro in 433 French Ivory as the base ( 1 coat)
Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish in 080 Black Cab to draw black bow and button
Boots 17 Fast Finish  in Flammable to draw red polka dot
Revlon Top coat 
2 way dotting tools from Ebay


Cloud and Moutain

So how is your weekend? I'm studying hard this weekend and planning to review body care product that I just get my hand on and love it! So stay tuned!

Just a pictures I took in Ba Na Hill in Vietnam last summer. Hope you enjoy :) x

Thea xx


Flavor of life

The first day of February was a wonderful day to me. I joined as a stylist in the very first photoshoot in studio in UK with a team that I had never work before, I had always work with a team in Vietnam with professional make-up artist, hair stylist, models and photographers are my friends for a long time so it was easier to work with them. But the shoot today was amazing and I got many new experiences that I think very useful for my future. And I think I should start designing and print my business card! Everyone have their own but I don't have one.... how amateur... This weekend I'll do it! Today Lisa Eldridge was nice enough to retweet my review about her No.7 limited collection, almost scream on the shoot because of happiness. She caused very high view for my blog today... if this crap blog become popular in the future, the reason is Lisa. Thank you x

I'm feeling good and producing some nice design development for visual studies class. Well good mood cause good things haha. I feel blessed and lucky, what did I do in the previous life to be this lucky? Must be a hero who saved 1 billion people or secure dolphins lol. However here are 2 new pictures I just edit. I tried new tone and kind of like it so much. Hope you have a nice day, life is like dark chocolate, just dare to try and patient to taste it, the sweetness will come <3

Thea xx