A little day dreamer.

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might know I finally, after so many practice, hard work, with a very little money to collect all I need step by step, I finally open my handmade shop!

I feel a little bit sad because uni will start soon so I won't have much time like I want to create new stuffs D; But never mind! I can do it, no? After so much thinking I decided to sell through Etsy, actually I want to sell on Big Cartel but you know I don't really have an audience to support me so Etsy seems to be a better choice now. But in very near future I'll start selling handpicked items on Big Cartel so stay tuned for that :D In the mean time please visit my shop at Etsy, I'll list more creation soon! 

Yes I know they are simple and my skill is still not very good but I'll practice more! Aren't they pretty? Perfect for a simple necklace to wear everyday ^^ 


Cherry for Autumn?

Hi there~

Bad news is my Macbook pro is unrepairable and I have to sell it for a very very cheap price and have to save up to buy a new one. Yes I know you may recommend me to get a PC laptop for cheaper price, but seriously for the same chip, graphic card etc PC laptops are NOT cheaper than Macbook pro. Not to mention I really like Mac OS and Mac's screen is the best I've come across. I heard nice things about Dell ultra sharp but to be honest the price is actually higher so why not another Macbook? I'm working on many stuffs like fashion, graphic design and photography so I think I need it. But this time I'll make sure to buy Apple care. You never know what will happen.

So this time I'm still using my Dell mini, you know Dell mini is very weak it basically can't even run a HD clip smoothly so no Photoshop for me T.T I really miss blogging but I can't bear posting un-edited pictures on here, I just feel like I don't respect my viewers. But I found an website that allow me to edit pictures so I decided to blog a little bit about make-up trend this autumn.

You might notice gothic make-up is making its way back so dark lip is a must. But what's to choose? The best video you can watch about this is from Lisa Eldridge (yes that's her again), she has done a vid since last year I think about all kind of dark lip and how to wear them, also she teamed up with ELLE US for a new tutorial and introduce some new products. She has mention my all time favorite dark lipstick which is Revlon Black Cherry. I love the color, textures and especially the price. For all the drugstore lipstick I've tried, Revlon is the only one brand makes high-end quality lipstick, I'd never buy any lipstick from Mac because Revlon did a lot better. Here is me in Revlon Black Cherry. I recommend you leave the everything very natural : minimum eye make-up (I don't even wear any in this pic) groomed brows and a bit of of contour/bronzer is enough, no blush because it'll be too much, do not over bronzer because it'll look cheap and nasty. All about the lips.

Btw I know not everybody dare to wear dark lipstick, so why not try a lip balm? Korres makes awesome lip butter with hint of color, the one in Wild Rose is perfect for those who want to try this trend but don't want full dark lip. And two brighter version that's worth trying is Burberry Lip Cover in Bright Plum - a vibrant reddish plum which will not too dark, and from the high street Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in No.1 - a classic red but in the dark side which totally wearable. 

It's autumn, my favorite season of the year, and I already feel the sadness in the air. Good sadness, Precious sadness. Put a dark lip on, ladies!