Yuko Yuko

Yuko is my Japanese name. I have some part of Japanese in my blood ...~ Maybe it's the reason for my super-fair-skin? I always have hard time choosing right shade of foundation, the only one matches my skin tone is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #2 which is super fair, no one can wear this shade without look like a ghost, most of them change to #4, but for me, wear it and still look normal, #likeaboss  (())  

Anyway, today I have a selfcam picture for you, happy? Taken by my old Sony Cybershort, very old lah~~ But my Nikon D200 is the old one too, my cousin brother told me that :"Why did a young girl like you always stick with old cameras which only some old people use???". Leave me alone with my old goodies!!!!

Let me tell you, no matter how old your camera is, as long as your brain (?!) and your eyes are good enough, and also your Photoshop skill, your picture could be awesome. I still can blehhhhhhh on many #someone-who-take-picture with their lastes camera, expensive (than mine) lenses with my artwork. Don't spend too much money on equipment, do something with your brain and you'll have good photos lol

p/s : FYI this is non-make up face and trust me it's nothing different with my make-up face. It's not I'm a natural beauty lol, it's just make up can't change my useless face T_T


Purple line.

Did a Fashion Illustration for Visual Studies class. A wedding dress (I'm not 100% sure the collection lol) from Marchesa. I love all their dress, beautiful like a dream ~

Have one week off, guess it's the time for me to bring my camera out and take some outdoor pictures :) Should find a model :P


Someone important

Do you have someone that always raise you up just by their appearance? I mean they don't need to know who you are, but you know them and they are important enough so you can think about them when everything is sucks? The feeling for them is more than love, you could love, then break up; married then divorce, but for someone important, they're always there.

Happy birthday Se7en! Thank you for always sing goods song for me, warm me up by your warm heart, lighten up my day with your smile, and drive me crazy with all your cuteness.... aww I can't stop listing what you've done to me. ~  I made this edit at his birthday, but I was totally forget about posting it here T_T"

And last but not least. Have u ever seen my face? Ok I gave u half of it ;o; Say hi to my "sonny boy" Tiny :