Fashion Illustration

I'm busy (again) with Uni. I know it's strange but I always feel happy that I can be busy doing fashion. People ask me why I love fashion as they could see I'm not exactly a shopaholic girl - the kind of girl the people often think about when it comes to fashion lover. I love nice clothes, that's true. But I love making nice clothes even more. I'm happiest when I'm with fashion, that I can draw something and make something. 

Here is the fashion illustration project at uni. We have to do 4 but the other 3 are still in process. We have to do a fashion illustration based on the signature style of a famous illustrator, I chose RĂ©ne Gurau, his work is fantasic!


Dreamers Guide.


How are you guys doing? I hope everything is well ^^
It's been a long time since the last time I post something but as I mentioned before I don't have time for blog anymore, but don't worry I still love blogging and everytime I got time to do it I feel very happy. My 2nd year as a fashion student is going really well, I just got results of my 1st term yesterday and I passed everything with not-so-bad marks, have to say I was lazy as usual lol.

Anyway I got an illustration that I did the other day and few pictures of...my face. Hope you enjoy! This weather is so cold really have no motivation to do anything nicely. 

Dreamers guide.

I just really into floral lately...

Me and my baby boy! We were trying to make a horror movie poster. Look how big he has grown now! Can't believe I have had him for 5 months already, he's a very happy bunny!

Essie "Cute as a button" - A gorgeous bright coral shade that goes on very nicely with one coat and create the gel like texture so nice I love it!

I wear red lips quite often, it just never been too much for my face and is a wonderful weapon to fight the tiredness in this weather. And a pink blush! I still love my No.7 Limited edition cream blush and my HG powder blush Nars Angelika. 

Hope you are all well and stay warm <3