The beauty of so many things

I rarely have time to blog these days. I do miss blogging and wish if I have more time for it. Here are some pics from Instagram. Follow me @theavu I update very often on there.

Sketching of a finished project. This time I tried to combine both hand drawing and computer. Need to work a bit more on the figure though.

I love handmade stuffs. The rabbit ones are from Fushigi shop, others are my own creation. Let me know if you interested on buying one, available in many colors.

The beauty of a mess on my desk. I always make sure I have everything I would need around me. Lip balm, hand cream, hair comb, my bracelet, tape measure and of course one of my most favorite mask Skinfood Aloe Vera.

A starter dish at a birthday dinner I attended recently. Doesn't taste as good as it looks though.


Uni and Photography!

I've been MIA for a looooooong time. Really sorry for no update at all but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram @theavu you would know I'm still alive.

So I'm officially a 2nd year Fashion student now! No more Fresher, no more "1st year student doesn't know how to do this shit". Second year is extremely hard and stressful and at this stage I personally think who don't have a passion for what they are doing will find themselves lost. Luckily I'm not! I don't have enough time to sleep and play around like 1st year but I'm more excited about all the projects. No more nonsense stuffs. Because I'm enjoying my course so much so if you guys see me hardly update I really sorry but it will happens because I'm also looking for an internship for my placement year as well. Woo hoo fashion industry here I come.

Btw for a very long time no update I did finally got time to do a photoshoot with one of my new model name Lan Ly. She's gorgeous but this is my first time working with her so it's not my best yet. But still! Hope you enjoy this photo inspired by the lovely autumn. I'll post more in the next post! Thank you for stopping by.xx