A new chapter.


Long time no post (why do I say it all time *slap*). 

If you follow me on Twitter you might know I'm stuck in so many shitty things. I won't tell you the details but biggest thing is my Macbook broken itself (actually I found out that someone split some juice on it, don't know who because I lend it for some of my friends) then I sent it to repair, hopefully get it back in next week. I'm using a Dell mini which I use to read ebook ( like a lady), it's damn weak so I only can access internet and that it. No photoshop. I feel like someone chopped my right hand.

And you might notice I have a Seal Points Netherland Dwaf bunny named Totoro ! He's so precious! And I don't want to lie and sound like a crazy animal lover, my bunny is very playful sometimes crazy but I guess we are learning how to bear each other lol. This is one of my illustration about his mom - Willow and his siblings. I gave it for the breeder to say thank you. I feel I'm lucky that I sent email for him that day through pet4homes, he is a very nice guy and most of all, a true rabbit lover. Totoro is a very healthy and beautiful little bunny (soon to be a fat one I feed him like a pig lol).

Anyway I capture this moment while he is sleeping (silly bunny slept with open eyes lol). He is so cute I don't even...!

So that's it. I hope you guys enjoy this post, I'll try to blog more ok? And don't forget that I'm still working on my handmade shop, it's soon to be opened I'm very excited. Thank you for stopping by xx 

Thea x 


Wish upon a star.

I have a wish. A secret wish that only the star know that.

My life is pretty boring right now so I have nothing to blog about but the Meow. But I will blog about some beauty-related things soon. In the mean time, please enjoy The Meow, she is wishing something but I don't know what is it, she won't tell me until it comes true.