the beginning

Such a long time since I have the "real" blog. I also have a beautiful one in livejournal but hope you enjoy it here too ^^.
Just few information about me so you guys could know me better.

- Call me Thea, it's my English name.
- My hometown is Hanoi,Vietnam. I'm studying Fashion Design in United Kingdom.
- Born in 1990, but just a little girl inside.
- I love everything about art, music, animals

 I've learned about art especially drawing for my whole life. My parents have a strong art background so I grew up with pencils and drawing paper all around, they didn't lead me into art but I just have a strong connection with color and every hidden beauty. I chose Fashion as my future since I was 4-5 years old and I always proud of it that while my friends still enjoy their childhood, teenage years and didn't think too much about future, I was pratice everyday to prepare for the day I come to UK to study. I'm suck at socialise but don't worry, I was born as an awsome writer too haha, just feel free to talk with me about art, beauty and music.

Some of my photography which you will see the most of time you vistit my blog :D

 I love hot chocolate with mashmallow *yummy*

 Every kids love chocolate, I'm a "big kid" so I love double chocolate ~

 One of my passion is sneaker, I crazy abt them but money always kill my passion *sigh*

Not a MU fan but this giant clock is interesting  to me...

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  1. These are so beautiful dear!
    I wish you the best of luck on your fashion journey.
    You have great talent.