A little day dreamer.

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might know I finally, after so many practice, hard work, with a very little money to collect all I need step by step, I finally open my handmade shop!

I feel a little bit sad because uni will start soon so I won't have much time like I want to create new stuffs D; But never mind! I can do it, no? After so much thinking I decided to sell through Etsy, actually I want to sell on Big Cartel but you know I don't really have an audience to support me so Etsy seems to be a better choice now. But in very near future I'll start selling handpicked items on Big Cartel so stay tuned for that :D In the mean time please visit my shop at Etsy, I'll list more creation soon! 

Yes I know they are simple and my skill is still not very good but I'll practice more! Aren't they pretty? Perfect for a simple necklace to wear everyday ^^ 

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