Hero products of the month : February


I had been very busy, stress, lazy etc for writing this post for January, so I decided to include it here in February post! Hope you enjoy because I have a lot of stuff to show <3 Some of them are from Asia, but don't worry I'll provide the link for you to buy them if you want. Also I don't have any sponsorship with them to link their websites, they are just good company/seller that I always buy from and happy with the service :)

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. Do you have an annoying hair like me? That it's dry but greasy roots. I could do something with dry end but grrrr the greasy roots freak me out. This dry shampoo is cheaper than your burger and works like heaven. Good smell as well. Now I can deal with my second-day hair! 

Available in Superdrug for £1.49 (There are many smell to choose from :D)

Hada Labo Lotion and Moisturising Milk 

These 2 products changed my life forever! Can't tell you how wonderful they are with incredibly cheap price tag! If you are confusing what is what, the one in the left which is higher is the magic lotion that is  best seller lotion in Japan, every bottle sold every 4 seconds! If you have dry skin like me, drop 4 drops of this gel-like lotion on your palm, and pat it on your skin for 2 minutes, you will be surprise how dramatic your skin become smooth, bouncy like baby skin! I've used them for a month and my skin texture changed for better. It's smooth, bouncy and lovely to touch. I highly recommend you use it with moisturising milk as well for a dewy healthy skin. For you who have combination/oily skin, I think the lotion is enough, you might want to use it less than 4 drops. Hada Labo contains purest Super Hyaluronic Acid which is perfect for dry skin and anti-aging ( dry skin caused wrinkles). Hada Labo is hands down the most popular skin care product in Japan. 

Updated : Found the link for you guys on Sasa : The lotion £8.80 here (sorry currently out of stock at the moment I write this post hope they back in stock soon) and the milk/elmusion £11 here  ( Also for people who are confusing about buying from Sasa because they are Hong Kong based, I recommend you co-buy with your friends because if you spend over 60 you get free shipping, and Sasa always has offer so make sure to check them out, there are plenty of awesome stuffs :D)

Shu Uemura High balancing oil cleansing

I just love this baby so much, it's my HG make-up remover! You might think it's pricey £56 for 500ml bottle, but I don't think so. Removing make up is very important for me, and this oil cleansing make my skin so smooth, so clean, so moist after I use it. Lovely smell as well. I got it for around 3 month and still have a lot left.

Collection 2000 Cream puff in Cotton Candy and Dolly Wink Volume mascara 

They are my go-to product this month. Love them! 

Skin79 Oriental BB cream

Finally I found a BB cream that I can really like! I highly recommend this one for who has dry skin or love the dewy, natural finish. It just a little bit darker than my skin tone at first but then tend to match my skin very well. It's super easy to blend with fingers, contains spf 25. And come with a lovely cream blush :D I purchase it from Ebay and got it after 10 days ( send from Korea). I used it when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to apply my beloved Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

I purchase from Ebay from this seller for £14.32

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-lite Oil free sunblock SPF30

I use this sunblock under my GA foundation as moisturer, sunblock and primer. Lightweight, works wonderfully and doesn't break me out :) For the day I don't wear any make up I just use a regular Nivea one.

£16.75 at beautybay.com

No.7 Vital Bright Cream Blush in Blooming Pink

I use this one almost everyday, give me healthy glowy cheek <3 a dupe for it is NYX cream blush in Hot pink but I found that NYX one is glossier while No.7 is more matte, so No.7 one has a stronger staying power :)

£10.00 at Boots

NYX auto eyebrow pencil in Charcoal 

Perfect for those who have black hair like me. I used brown color before but it's just wrong for me. Staying power is average :) 

£4.00 at NYX

Forget to take picture, the Flucinar tub saved me from the days I got red spots and dry patches from testing Paula's choice AHA/BHA gel. It's just like chemical fat like Vaseline I think so? I just apply a thin layer all over my face after cleansing and tomorrow my skin is back to normal. Also for the Paula's Choice 1% BHA Gel, I think it's too dry for me, I've ordered 1% BHA Lotion that formulated for Dry Skin, because even the gel too dry for me, it removed my blackhead and make my pores smaller after 2 uses. Will post about it later :)

So that's the end of the post, I hope you enjoy reading. Until next time, take care everyone :) Comment below if you have any questions or just want to share with me your favorite products ;) xx


  1. great products and great post
    I'm very interessted in the hada labo products, so I will take a look =D
    xoxo bia

  2. Yes I highly recommend it :D Most of my girls in Japan use it :) No wonder why Japanese girls have baby skin :P