Small Tips : Heated Curler

Want your lashes lasts all day? Have straight lashes and having a hard time curl your eyelashes? 

I have a very small tip but effective for you ;) 

All you need is :

A good eyelash curler. I'm using Shu Uemura :) But you can use any eyelash curler which is your favorite :D

A hair dryer :

Keep your eyelashes curler about 30cm away from the dryer, turn the dryer on and set it in medium heat, keep it for about 10-15 seconds until you can feel your eyelash curler warm up (not HOT! don't burn your eyelids), then use it as usual. 

I have straight, fine eyelashes and since I use this tip, my curl lasts all day. Also I recommend a good mascara that hold you curl as well. A good drugstore one beside my trusted Dolly wink is Max Factor False Lashes Effect :)

Hope it helpful 

Thea xx


  1. That always fails for me, cuz the mascara makes my lashes straight again. :(

  2. Yes that's why I recommend a good mascara to hold your curl as well :) Dolly Wink Volume and Max Factor False Lash Effects really work :) xx