Small update./.

Hi ya~

I do like the idea about short blog post. I like writing about random little story than planning a long ass post. But I do plan to write.

So I just back with Low carb diet, it's so strange that a diet allow you to eat a lot. It does work very well to me so now I'm free from Uni I decided to get back to it. I made this chicken dish and it taste awesome but I don't remember the recipe... I'm seriously getting old #fml. I just remember I put a lot of chilli powder on it so I server it with avocado and cherry tomato, so yummy I love! This one for the whole day.

Finally I touched up my brows. I did let them grow crazy lol, but now it's better. Sorry for poor quality I just took a quick photo without thinking putting it on here. I love full brows a lot. I don't get why many of my friends have super thin brows almost nothing?! It's just sooooooooo over-date, or maybe I'm a fashion person myself so I don't get what normal people think. I love full brows and freckles (even though I don't have freckles :(, wish I have) And I don't have any make up in this photo. I bother to coloring this picture but too lazy to airbrush dark circles and some red spots I have atm. But whatever, focus on the brows!

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