The Meow

Well, actually I was drawing random stuffs and design something for my portpolio so I came up with this ideas about a character to show my moods through it. Then The Meow was born!

She is a Rag Doll cat, with blushing cheeks (which are my signature look - I was born with blushing cheek, bless me). She is fluffy, chubby, quiet and very chill. What is in her mind is always a mystery for everybody, they love her but she's not often send love back. However, still an adorable cat.

Just a small note before you get to know her, The Meow is copyrighted - she is my creation for my day dream, stealing a dream is not right in anyway.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Meow - the cat :

When Meow saw her crush : 

The rare evil face : 

I still have few different version of her, but I save it for other posts! Hope you like The Meow like I do.

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