Heart beat.

Since I post about photography quite a lot, may caused you think this is a photography blog... The truth is.
means I will write about everything I want ok lah???

So today, I'm nice enough to post some my all time favorite beauty products. To be honest I'm not wear make up everyday because I'm a sleeping beauty freak so I always wake up late in the morning and go to class with bare face and ok lah. But I do love make up and have quite a lot. So hope you like some of them from my review and give them a try lah~ 

I know many Asian girls are crazy about BB cream, but IMO, I just think it's nothing special. Still have light coverage and heavy coverage, doesn't long lasting and most of them come in very limited shade ( 2-3 shades) and have GRAY undertone, ok makes you look fair, like a ghost. I remember I used to hate make up because I saw many Vietnamese girls on the street with scary white face, made me think make up is smt make you look uglier. So I prefer foundation with light-medium coverage, your choice! pick a good one suits your skin and that's all. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #2 (Lightest)

My skin is combination with slightly oily T-zone and dry cheek (in UK weather, my skin tend to normal to quite oily in hot weather) so this one very suits my skin type, also I'm very fair with pink undertone so this is the shades matches my skin tone the best. I always make sure my skin is well moisture before doing make up so I don't know if you have dry skin. The finish is Luminous like its name, quite semi-matte if I use powder ( I use Chanel one). Photograph very well ( no SPF, but I always use sunscreen so ok lah), light-medium coverage, buildable and very light weight, doesn't break me out. Love it!

£33.00 at Selfridges or in any GA counter.

NARS Blush in Angelika and Orgasm 

Famous enough do you need me to tell you how much I love them???? I'm a blush freak and I have many of them, but these two are my very first blushes and are HG as well. Angelika is a cool undertone  love pink with slighly shimmery, but shimmer will fall out very fast so it has like matte finish lol, I use it when I want to look innocent wtf. Orgasm is freaking famous, it looks peachy but in my face it quite pink with nice gold shimmer. Both of them are very pigmented, with my fair skin just one touch of brush in each cheeks, blend it well and I'm ready to go!

£ 20.50 at Narscosmetic.co.uk or any Nars counter

Dolly Wink Volumne Mascara 

A Japanese brand belongs to Koji - very famous Japanese cosmetic company, created by Tsubasa Masuwaka - a garyu model of Japanese magazine Popteen. Let me tell you, I bought many mascara, from high-end to drugstore, but after 1-2 uses, I stop using them because all of them gave me panda eyes very quickly espically drugstore one, even waterproof, my eyes very easy to tear out :( And doesn't hold my curl ( I'm using Shu Uemura curler). Then I decide to buy this one since my Japanese friends keep saying omg omg this is so good try it lahhh every Japanese girls use it lahhh. Now I LOVE to use mascara haha. It's make my lashes long, volume AND no panda eye, no smudge at all! One more thing make it better is sooooo easy to remove lah~ it can be remove with warm water, I'm lazy so only one swipe of my oil cleansing, it's complete gone, no hurt no red eye!

$22.99 at http://artiestyle.com/ (US site, for Asian reader you can order from sasa.com)

Also, for the same formular, 

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black :

I'm not often wear eyeliner but this one is the best I've tried. My friend used Mac and Bobbi Brown but her eyes very similar to my eyes, very easy to tear out and she always had problems with smudging. I recommend it for her since that problem never happens to me, and now she love it, she says omg so magical ~~~ It's very easy to draw, and very easy to remove like the mascara as well

$18.99 from two website above.

I'm a blush freak, and also lipstick-addict. I tried many gloss but never happy with them. I have a big lips and like to lick my lips so lipstick suits me better. 

YSL VoluptĂ© Sheer Candy in #6

Look omg red in picture but it sheer, and on my lip it's a little bit pinky than red, give you a nice glossy finish, quite long lasting and doesn't dry out my lip. My go-to lipstick, only one coat and looks quite natural but still give your lips some color.

£21.00 at Debenhams

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #37 L'Exubérante

Lovely lovely hot pink lipstick. Matte finish, long lasting, I eat and drink a lot and it still there! And doesnt dry out my lips like most of matte lipstick. Nice packing as well

£23.50 in Debenhams

Also if you want to try some cheaper, drugstore lipstick, here are some of my favorite :

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in #1 (Red) and #2(Hot Pink)

They are very nice quality drugstore lip stick and really long lasting.

£5.49 at Boots

NYX Round lipstick in Tea Rose

Very wearable pinky color, smell ok, not really long lasting but very creamy

£3.50 at love-makeup.com

Ok lah! I'm very sick now but I finish this post. Hope you like it! See you next post xx


  1. i really like your blog so far, please post more! i'd love to try all these products : )

  2. Aww thank you dear <3 Yes I will try to post more about beauty and make up! Thank for your support ^_^

  3. i want everything in this post