Love always wins.

This post is unusual for me since I want this blog is more about photography, beauty, fashion. But I can NOT write about it since the person I mention below is one of the most influence artist in my life. Since I know him, love his work, and become a fan, it changed the way I feel about art, and open me a door to a new sky line that I never think that I could reach it. I copied from my Facebook when I wrote it last night just in case you are wondering about the time. 


Feel guilty when I just read about Jose Villa's wedding 2 minutes ago. Yes it's HIS wedding. I'm almost cry now.

Jose Villa has been my most favorite photographer in the whole world. He's the BEST fine art wedding photographer, and also does amazing work at portrait, he only shoot with film - which I can't do. He captures LOVE, find out hidden BEAUTY and keep MOMENTS in his photo. He inspires me to become a photographer who take picture with the heart.

He and his partner, Joel Serrato has been together for 7,5 years, they work together in a wedding service team and I have to say their work is just ART. Their book about fine art wedding photography is breath-taking. How could they find each other in this world?! I wonder when could I find not a lover but soulmates in art like them?

"Love always wins" - Jose Villa

Happy Wedding to J&J :) I wish you an endless happiness.

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