Drugstore love : Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

As you may know I have obsession with lip products, also I love high-end product the most ( like Chanel, YSL and Giorgio Armani) with their fabulous color range, texture and packaging  , but the price is always control me from collecting :(  So I always hunt the hidden gems from drugstore, however not everything win my heart no matter how cheap they are ( and quite good quality!) because I don't often get the result that I want.

So today I share with you one of my favorite from drugstore : Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream! Collection 2000 available in Boots and Superdrug, contain the huge range of "color" products. One of their famous gold, silver, many colors gilter liquid liner  which I really forget the name :( can't remember now! They are quite fun to wear on dramatic looks or holiday looks, and of course very cheap.

Ok let's back with the Lip Cream. This baby won my heart in the very first try, they have velvety finish which I adore so much ( you knowChanel Velvet Rouge is my HG lipstick), lovely color, yummy smell, and guess what? Moisture! For £2.99 each you can't find a better one anywhere. The only sad thing is they only have 4 shades :( and the tub a little bit small however a little goes long way. I hope Collection 2000 will produce more color and maybe bigger tub in the future.

My favorite shades is Cotton Candy (Lovely rosy candy pink) and Fairy Cake ( orangy, peachy color)

Left : Cotton Candy ; Right : Fairy Cake
(sorry for my meaty hand haha, I have baby hand lol)

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