Meanwhile in Paris

I had been to Paris 5 years ago. Well, as all your imagination about pretty Paris, this city is interesting with a romantic scent. But I'm not really like it, I don't know why maybe because of people there (not racist). It's hard to explain but for my the impression about a city based on 50 city itself : 50 people live there, and I don't feel comfortable with French people (not all ok, I do have some French friends). No need to tell you how annoying their airport, never in my life have to queue in a long time to check my handy luggage, freaking-4-and-a-half-hours.

But still, I have to admit that Paris is a pretty city, pretty shops, and the houses and hotels is the dream for any woman, or guys ( if you are gay and love girly things, I know some gay guys like manly things). I like their well-known macaroon, it's taste good, pretty package <3 Here are 2 photos from a box of macaroon I bought when I transit in Paris.

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