Remove your make up!

We all had good skin before the teenage come with hormon's changing, buying very first make-up items but never learn how to remove them in the right way. For me, luckily, I didn't have any acnes problems in my teenage, and the only one beauty product I got is a good face wash. That's all. Why?

Because my mom said I could use skin care products but forget make up until I turn 18. Ok then I didn't like make-up at all at that time.

So when I first jump to make-up, first items I bought was cotton pad and make-up remover. Because I did take good care of my skin and I don't want make-up destroy everything. I don't understand woman who go to sleep with their make-up on! Or put tons of make-up on, have like 1460582646720 make-up products but only own a typical face wash to remove make up?!

So here for me, there is things I avoid to use to remove my make-up because if you choose it wrong, it can easily break out your skin as fast as low quality make-up :

- Wipes : Arghhhh I hate it, I know it's fast and easy but I just hate it. I did try some confirmed good one but they just make my skin feel really hurt, red, and guess what, break out! I still have a pack but just use to clean my eyelash curler or clean the glue from fake eyelashes (of course after remove them from my eye)

- Face scrub or oil-free face wash : Throw them away after only one use. They thin out my skin, dry it out, give me freaking acnes and just horrible.

And what I use to remove my make-up? Here they are :

- Oil cleansing : Yeah even you have oily skin, don't be scared by the word "oil", it's not that "oil", you should use them anyway. Because they can remove both eye make-up and face make-up, also oil cleansing is well-known as the deepest remover, you can feel that your skin is never clean this way. It doesn't dry out your skin at all and give you baby clean skin! My favorite is Shu Uemura oil cleansing high balance :

Use about 2 pump on you dry hand, apply the oil all over your face, massage inward so the oil can gently take off you make-up, then wet your hand, massage your face again, you will see the oil turn to light foam, massage it evenly to take off all make-up left in your pores, then rinse off with water. You can pump the oil to a cotton pad to remove eye make-up, it remove even waterproof stuff, confirmed by me! 
Price are £56.50 for 450ml bottle which is huge. And you don't need to buy anything else.
Also DHC cleansing oil is a good one as well and quite cheap to compare with Shu Uemura but hard to get here in UK, you could find it on Sasa.com

Cleansing water : You are living a busy life? To sleepy to spend 10min to wash your face? Well Cleansing water is your answer as it quicker way to remove make up especially when you don't wear too much make-up like just some concealer and mascara with lipgloss, but still need to remove them very carefully. Simply apply the water on cotton pad and use them to remove all make-up. Cleansing water actually even gentle than typical eye make-up remover but stronger effects. My favorite is Bioderma H2O Cleansing solution. You can find it on Ebay for £12.49 for 500ml bottle, but remember to buy from top ratted seller who confirmed sell authentic products. And if you have money, Lancome did a good one but pricy, well, your choice. Even they are good but I still recommend you a gentle face wash after all. But you can skip it anyway, just don't do it all time.

So that's it. Hope you find my post helpful. Remember a good make-up based on a good skin. It saves your time, your products and spread out you beauty. I always truly think that taking care of skin is more important that putting make-up. Stay pretty, girls!

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