Flavor of life

The first day of February was a wonderful day to me. I joined as a stylist in the very first photoshoot in studio in UK with a team that I had never work before, I had always work with a team in Vietnam with professional make-up artist, hair stylist, models and photographers are my friends for a long time so it was easier to work with them. But the shoot today was amazing and I got many new experiences that I think very useful for my future. And I think I should start designing and print my business card! Everyone have their own but I don't have one.... how amateur... This weekend I'll do it! Today Lisa Eldridge was nice enough to retweet my review about her No.7 limited collection, almost scream on the shoot because of happiness. She caused very high view for my blog today... if this crap blog become popular in the future, the reason is Lisa. Thank you x

I'm feeling good and producing some nice design development for visual studies class. Well good mood cause good things haha. I feel blessed and lucky, what did I do in the previous life to be this lucky? Must be a hero who saved 1 billion people or secure dolphins lol. However here are 2 new pictures I just edit. I tried new tone and kind of like it so much. Hope you have a nice day, life is like dark chocolate, just dare to try and patient to taste it, the sweetness will come <3

Thea xx

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