Hero Products of the month : Soap&Glory Body Butter

I'm not really into buying or searching for body care products because I think my body skin is ok, nothing happens with it. But when I moved to UK, I notice the skin at my arm area is becoming dry because I was lazy at drinking vitamin C ( yes the lack of vitamin C caused dry skin on your body!), so I started drink vitamin C again and try to find a body butter or lotion that keep me smell nice and make my skin feel soft again. But then the vitamin C went well and I just on/off on using body care products.

But still!

The skin at my elbow area is like very dry and I hate to touch that area because it reminds me that I'm getting older lol. So when I bought the Soap&Glory gift bag from a Boots offer in Christmas haul I didn't know that it contains my Hero!

Here I introduce you guys to Soap&Glory Body Butter - My hero product of the month! (I'll continue this tag in the next post with more beauty products! )

Gorgeous packaging! I'm not a fan of pink but I adore the vintage style with a lot of text! The formula is for Very Dry Skin so you can image how moisturising it is. Also it's very thick and you have to spend time to rub and use your body heat to make the product absorbs to your skin, but I like to stay on my bed, apply this body butter while reading book/watching movie etc. After only ONE use, I can see the change of my skin. My elbow is soft, lovely to touch, my skin is glowing in the healthy way and incredibly soft <3  Only down thing is the smell is like whatever nothing special, so I'm vain enough to apply a little bit of The Body Shop Body Butter in Sweet Lemon ( I own the matchy shower gel and lip butter, what a crazy fan :P) over it to smell like a sweet lemon lol :P But yeah I love this product and highly recommend it for you guys. Give it a try ladies! The price is  £10.21 for 300ml tub. Boots having an offer at this moment £25.00 for 1 litre tub if you like to use it very often or can share with your housemates, friends, mom and kids. 

Until next time, take care ladies!
Thea xx


  1. I really like Soap&Glory Body Butter. It really aids my skin to become very smooth, shiny and beautiful. I think that this is best body butter that I have used.

  2. Yes it's the best! I don't know abt more expensive ones but this one does everything I need! I love it give my skin a dewy healthy effect :D