Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin correcting serum

Oh man, how long since the last time I review some beauty/skincare product? I'm so over my ambition to be a successful beauty blogger because I know I can't, and writing 100% about beauty is not fun anymore to me, so I stopped it, easy as that.

But I planned to write this review for a while, because I LOVE this product so much.

As you might notice I've mentioned on this blog I was using Paula's Choice 1% BHA Lotion. Oh well, but I stopped using it almost 2 months ago although I do like it quite a lot. I went to use that lotion because uneven skin tone have been a biggest problem along with large pores and blackhead. For those of you who have darker skin tone, it might not too big deal, but because I'm very very fair, the unevenness is sooo noticeable and make my face look tired and unhappy.

But I have SENSITIVE skin and after about 2 week using this lotion, my skin became extremely sensitive. I swear, I even had to wear sunscreen when I'm only staying at home and sit near my window for whole day. If I just go down stair to get a bottle of Diet Coke at 24/7 shop next to my apartment without sunscreen, I'll comeback with red itchy spots all over my face and it's not cool anymore for me. That lotion does work a little bit at tighenting my pores but oh man, I wasn't sure if it corrected my skin tone or not because I got such a red itchy face.

So, if you have very sensitive skin that will fuck you up if you don't follow your routine, just simply stay away from this product, especially girls who have dry skin. I had never been allegric with sun ( Come on I'm from Vietnam I lived with bright sun since I was born) so I guess this BHA thing is simply not for me.

So I went through a hard time after giving up that lotion that my skin have to make some "change" to become normal, but after one week with red itchy spots all over I finally have my skin back, but still got the marks of the previous spots. That will be a big experience for me to note for myself that my skin is sensitive and I have to be careful when it's come to skincare.

So I bought this serum even before I gave up BHA lotion, I didn't bother to use it until I use up all the lotion and decided to give it a chance. Lucky me this serum is a great buy! Firstly it's organic so it's very gentle and there is no drama for my skin this time. Secondly, man, I love its smell so much!!!!!!!! It's smell kind of lemon-ish, I love to breath my hand after I apply this in the morning just to wake me up, so refreshing <3 It's contain pearl powder so if you pump the product out you can clearly see the pearl shine. And it does its job, its not only brighten up my skin a lot but also very moisturing so I guess girls who have oily skin would love to add it into their basic routine since moisturiser is definitely too heavy. My complexion looks brighter and lively now I love!

I highly recommend this product and also others Origins products as they are organic brand that very gentle for those who has quite sensitive skin. And I notice now I'm allow to go out under the sun for few minutes without applying sunscreen. My skin is nowhere perfect but I still love it as it is.

Hope you enjoy this post and thanks for stopping by <3

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