The handmade store.


Just a quick post to let you know I'm working on my very first handmade store ^^ I'm quite excited about it since I've always a little granny who sew, draw, paint and making handmade stuffs. I started selling some of my Swarovski jewelry in Vietnam to help my mom so she won't be stressful about extra money for me to study here in UK. Studying Fashion here is such an expensive dream for me and my family so I just start selling them for people in Vietnam by that reason. But time passed by and it's become a big hobby for me so I think should start working on some more creative stuffs and upgrade since I was only used silver plated bail and chain, but this time I decided to make with 925 sterling silver so the jewelry will last longer and be in perfect quality. I'll let you guys know when I open my store x x

Here are some pictures of stuffs I've sold before. They are super simple but as I said, you'll see more stuffs with my personal design soon ^^~

Thank for reading my blog <3 

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