My new favorite cleanser.

Cleanser might be the last thing you care about when it comes to skincare. People talk about moisturer, serum etc but always forget that cleaning is big step, if you pores are not clear, the more products come after that, the worse your skin can be.

Personally, I don't like the strong cleanser, like the one for oily skin or daily scrub. It's just too harsh for your skin, even you are a teenager or you are in your 40s, be gentle to your skin. Maybe you don't really see the point of being gentle here, but when the time passed by you might notice the firmness of your skin stay a lot longer with gentle cleansing everyday. In the market now there are so many good cleanser that gentle and does the good job at clean your face as well.

I've been trying this Hada Labo face wash for past 2 weeks and I have to say it goes straight to my HG list. Such a simple and perfect (Hada Labo means Simple and Perfect) face wash that you can't believe it's just so good.

The tube look pretty empty but no it's not. It's just how this tube is and I can tell there are still a lot of products left. The product itself is thick that I only need one pea size one time. For my surprise once you add water and start to apply it on your face, there are a lot of FOAMs. I love it since foam cleanser always as known as the most gentle type of cleanser. And the smell is just so...Japan-ish. It's smell like fragrance rice, so relaxing to start a new day or refresh your feeling before go to bed. It's contains the star indergrent hyaluronic acid that perfect for dehyrated skin. I used it along with other two Hada Labo products that are my HG skin care (read here) and I notice the firmness of my skin is improve a lot. I'm so upset with Hada Labo! And I forgot to mention my skin feel very clean and not drying after cleansing. I haven't try to remove make-up with this cleanser because I just trust my Shu Uemura oil cleansing a little bit more at this case.

So I highly recommend you give this Simple and Perfect face wash a try if you could. You can find Hada Labo in sasa.com , or if any luck, Ebay (just make sure the seller sell authentic stuffs).

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