My first fashion post and the love for retro fashion.

Ok let's be honest ( like I always be!), I've had a hard time finding a style that suits me. I mean really suits me.
Oh why? Because I'm FAT.

At this point, please don't say things like :"Oh you're not fat to compare with British girls", "No you are not, don't think so". I AM OK WITH THAT, does it make sense? I don't compare myself with anyone else, and when I look at myself in the mirror, I see I'm fat. I don't understand those fat girls who consider themselves as "curvy girl"? If you are like Katy Perry, yes you're curvy, but you are fat that your tummy is as big as your breast and everybody can see your second chin.

Let's face it.

 I'm on a diet that's seems work well for me, and I really hope many fat girls out there have enough encourage to look back and love their bodies more, loving it doesn't mean you show off you boobs to feel pretty, wear slutty clothes to show off that you're as attractive as normal women, loving it means you need to diet, work out and do everything to make your body become normal and healthier as well. Also, I don't like the fat girls who wear ugly clothes, because it's clearly that they don't love themselves enough to  make a change for their life.

So you must be thinking :"Bitch please, what do you wear to feel pretty huh????". Firstly, sorry but I know I'm not a beautiful girl, but I love myself and it's make me bright, happy and somehow pretty.

It's hard to define my style. But I'm quite into the tomboy side of high fashion even it's not really suits me. Sweater, Jeans and a lovely animal print boots, also I have a hoodies fever. I pay attention to get nice piece, and I always keep this in mind :"Simple is the best" - this is my moral on everything : living, fashion, design, make up...even cooking. It's never ever wrong for me, life is hard so I try to keep everything else simple.

But that's doesn't mean I don't like color or dress! I LOVE colors and I want to change my style since I'm often wear black, white, blue denim now... And I found retro!

I've been always love vintage, retro fashion. Because there is something about it very simple, lovely, innocent but also super glamours. Today I could enjoy a lovely dress, tomorrow I could be a tomboy. I love fashion which allow you to change to suits your mood that day. And one thing I know, yes fat girls definitely can enjoy vintage and retro fashion, the more curvy you are, the more lovely retro style look good on you. I hate most of fashion bloggers that's are everywhere now because I don't see the purpose of their fashion post. Yes you have shits load of money, go to the department store and grap some oh-look-so-cool-on-me clothes, back home and throw everything together and called it "High Fashion"??! I call it show off because their fashion post help nobody but to show off and I can image many girls ask their parents to give them money to buy something that their family truly can't afford, then those girls go angry with their own parents because they can't afford an expensive handbag. Most of their fashion posts are not helping anyone to dress themselves better, they don't even have a DIY post like I often see on Japanese fashion magazines. Just buy expensive brand name shits and take pictures.

It's depressing to see women read those blogs and comment "Oh I wish I'm this pretty to rock this dress", or watch tutorial and try to re-create those Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez look. You are what you are, you are beautiful in a different way and try to force yourself to fit in a make up and clothes that's not for you to at least feel "pretty and sexy" , in my opinion, just to show how much you hate yourself.

Don't get me wrong, as a fashion student I LOVE high fashion but the way many people wear them make me feel angry. Marc Jacobs says :"I'd like to believe that women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they're wearing what they like and what suits them, it's not a status thing."

Oh well it's sounds hypocrite because he is Creative Director of Louis Vuitton - hand down the most show off fashion brand in the world. But I do believe he's honest, because look at his creation for LV, those clothes CAN be worn. Same as Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld throw shits to some fashion designers by tell ELLE UK that "Chanel makes clothes for women to wear, we don't make clothes for museum." Expensive clothes doesn't make you any cooler if you don't know how to dress them and don't know what you really want.

One of my favorite blogger is Tick tock vintage . Oh yes she is not those skinny mimis out there, she's just a woman who was born with a normal body, with a brown hair not fake blonde, with a simple make up. But I love her style and all her posts. It show clearly the way to mix&match clothes, it inspired me to look back to my closet to find a new way to wear my clothes. And she shows you how to wear 1 pair of shoes with 10 different outfit. Just lovely to read her blog everytime I stop by.

I love Anne Catherine Frey as well. She's natural super skinny but it's not the problems. This girl knows how to wear high fashion without looking like a mess. Love her edgy tomboy style but everytime she wears a dress, she's totally rock it. What do I say more? I love people who are smart at wearing clothes, not a biased crazy kid who throw everything together and called it "fashion". I learned some of her tips at wearing tomboy clothes, you can clearly copy her style by your own clothes in your closet, just like smart make up, you can adapt and re-create it without buying anything expensive.

And yeah, I'm going quite long now, just some pictures of retro style is rocking everywhere now. I'm gonna make some retro clothes myself - isn't it great to be a fashion student? Hope you enjoy my first fashion post, remember everything is just my own opinion and thanks for stopping by and read my silly blog xx

Pictures from Fashion gone rouge and Style.com

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